Thursday, January 27, 2011

All packed up and nowhere to go...

Thursday has quickly become one of my favorite two days of the week; the other being Sunday. The reason is because those are the days that Daniel and I have for our half-days here in Afghanistan. Upon our arrival in country we were not given any time off and worked 12-15 hours per day. After the first few months were complete and we had a new commander he reinstated the half-day policy, which was an excellent idea. Twelve months without any time off will drive a man crazy!

Truly there is nothing spectacular about my half-day, but I have my little rituals that have become quite important to me. We leave work around 2:00 p.m. and I typically am able to come to my room and watch a movie or take a nap or something to just relax. My favorite thing about these days is the fact that I can Skype with my wife and see my kids running around in the background. It's a time when this war removes itself to the far fetches of my mind and some sense of normalcy reappears when I see their wonderful faces. It's tough watching the kids grow up online, but it sure beats not seeing them at all.

On another much lighter note, Daniel and I packed our shipping container today for movement back to the States. We are 100% packed up with nowhere to go! All that's left to pack is our clothes, battle rattle and maybe some personal gear. If someone told me I could leave in an hour as long as I could make the plane I now know that it could easily be if someone would just give me that opportunity!

According to our 'Circle of Freedom' we have completed 90.7% of our deployment and all we have left is 9.3% more. Five years from now I'll look back at Afghanistan in much the same way that I currently look on my time in Iraq. Funny how memories have a way of removing the less than desirable times and clean up everything so that we look with rose-colored glasses. Those memories are five years away for now I'm ready to be in my bed in my house with my wonderful wife and a consistently warm shower would be great!

So, for those of you out there in cyberspace keeping up with the days we're down to 30. The tracker says only 4.28 weeks left...I can do it!

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