Saturday, July 31, 2010

A nice two weeks

Please forgive the length of time between posts, I'm so busy that there needs to be two of me!

Since my last posting I put a new countdown on the whiteboard at work. I don't know why I would begin this so early in a deployment, guess I'm a glutton for punishment. As of right now my board has the names of each individual in the office and the amount of days left here in country. The board also includes the number of days until Alabama's first football game of the season (36 days) and how many days until the Air Force Deployed Soldier Half Marathon (also 36 days). The winner of the least amount of time left here is our Navy Lieutenant Commander with 26 days, the loser is 'yours truly' with 240 days left. On a positive note, that 240 is much less than where I started.

As I just mentioned, the Air Force has a half marathon for their deployed troops and all service branches are invited to participate. On the 4th of July I ran in the Firecracker 5k and said I wouldn't do that again since it's so hot here, but again, I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. The half marathon will be 13.1 miles around Bagram Airfield and hopefully it will begin very early in the morning...I can assure you that I'll not miss any of the Alabama football game for some silly run!

Just like it's been over the past couple of months, we're swamped and need more people! One plus about being so overworked is that the days run together and time passes a bit more quickly. Each night when I lay down I think..."didn't I just get up?" No problems though, only 4.5 more months until I get to take some much-needed R&R at home with the family.

God bless and I'll try to write more soon!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy 7th Anniversary

Looking back to my childhood I can remember my parents having a framed cross-stitched picture in their bedroom just beside the door as you were walking out. I'm sure I never mentioned it to them and likely never drew attention to it, but I still think of it from time to time. As a child I can remember not really understanding it; as I aged it began to make a little more sense, while now it couldn't hold more truth. It read as follows...

"This day I did marry my best friend. The one I live with, laugh with, live for, love."

Seven years ago today I married my best friend...the one that I usually live with, always laugh with, live for and love endlessly. Were I given the opportunity to go back in time and have a "re-do" on my choices...that is one that I would leave alone. I'd marry Loni again 100 times over...maybe 100 x 100.

Looking at how long my parents have been married (37 years), our seven years truly pales in comparison. However, it seems odd looking back at all we've been through in those seven years. Two children, two deployments, new vehicles, new house, new jobs, travel, job changes...I guess those are all part of this crazy life!

In closing, God has blessed me with a wonderful and supportive spouse...I couldn't ask for anything more.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

No news is good news...

Tonight's update will be quite short as nothing too exciting has happened over the past week since my last update. The expression "no news is good news" is becoming pretty standard for me. We're still working from can to can't and that's a good thing as it does make the time pass by a bit quicker.

The lone exciting thing that has happened is that a few of us went to the Turkish dining facility earlier this week. They served a mixture of meats I didn't recognize, a vegetable/fruit mix I also didn't recognize, and some potato salad. If you were to ask Loni if I like potato salad she would likely laugh at you, but as I didn't want to be rude I decided to partake. Actually, it's not that I was trying not be rude as much as there was just a language barrier between myself and the I said "no thanks" he smiled and loaded me up with an extra helping! I'm still not sure what type of meat we ate...really don't want to know, but it was good. Final though on the Turkish food...after we ate we went to an area where they hang out and watch TV and drink coffee or tea. I decided on the tea as as true Southerner I hoped it would be iced and sweet...well it was hot and unsweet. Milo's might want to consider making some extra for when Daniel and I get back home!

Take care all and I'll try to update again soon!